Committed to demonstrating the sustainability of the wine sector.

The four entities that materialize “LIFE CLIMAWIN” do so with the firm conviction and maximum commitment to demonstrate that the wine sector, represented by wineries and vineyards, can become a model of sustainability, implementing solutions to mitigate climate change and applying adaptation measures and circular economy.

Under the coordination of Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), the technology company Intergia Energía y Sostenibilidad, the winery Bosque de Matasnos, Plataforma Tecnológica del Vino and the University of Zaragoza, will execute a Work Plan articulated in four technical phases.

The commitment also extends to the dissemination and promotion of the knowledge (practices and results) generated by “LIFE CLIMAWIN” both with the scientific community and with other wine companies, as well as with the general public. Sharing the socioeconomic benefits of combating climate change is vital for the future of the wine sector.