Mitigating climate change in the winegrowing.
Sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery
is the right path.


The European wine sector is heavily affected by climate change, but at the same time has the opportunity to improve in terms of sustainability. The CLIMAWIN project aims to demonstrate that wineries and vineyards can also take care of the environment in order to tackle climate change.

The project focuses on taking actions to reduce the negative impacts of climate change and to find more sustainable ways of producing wine. These actions include changing the type of cultivation, improving long-term organic carbon stocks in the soil, decreasing the amount of pollutant gases produced by managing livestock waste and soils, and finding more efficient ways to use vineyard pruning.

In addition, new technologies will be implemented to reduce winery emissions, use more renewable energy, and improve energy management in general. This project aims not only to help winery managers find the best ways to protect the environment, but also to show how the wine sector can lead the fight against climate change, generating benefits for the environment and rural communities.